Mini Accountant

This application simplifies accounting for small businesses. It enables PDF invoice creation, service and customer management, customizable payment methods, accurate tax and VAT calculations, expense tracking, automatic exchange rates, flexible tax rate options, financial overviews, downloadable reports, and integration capabilities. It's a valuable tool for efficient and streamlined accounting processes.

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On any platform

Access the app seamlessly on your iOS or Android device, or simply use the web version in your browser!

Free to Use

Enjoy the timeless freedom of downloading and using this application for any purpose, as always, completely free of charge!

Currency Conversion

Effortlessly convert currencies with options: automatic conversion, manual rate input, or seamless integration with your server to download the latest rates!

Export Invoices

Effortlessly export and send invoices in your preferred method!

Calculation of taxes

Easily calculate taxes with options for simple or progressive taxation systems, factoring in VAT and expenses seamlessly.


Effortlessly generate and download comprehensive reports on income, taxes, VAT, and more!

Developer Portal

Seamlessly integrate with your services through our developer portal and API. Tailor analytical reports using Google Looker and BigQuery. If needed, establish your own course download server for complete customization!

Mini Accountant Preview

We designed this app with our own needs in mind.

But it proved too valuable not to share with you..."

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